WordPress is Free

WordPress is a Complete open source website development panel. It is totally based on CMS(Content Management System), MySQL and PHP platform. It has a lot of free Plugin feature and provides many free templates theme.

 Some Important Knowledge you need to know about WordPress

There are lots of feature and plugin available into WordPress panel. WordPress is a very easy technology for those people who really want to make a website according to own.

Operating System:                        Windows System and Unix-like

Starting Release date:                May 27, 2003

Licence:                                           GNU GPLv2+

Souce Written:                              CMS & PHP

Release stability:                          4.9.8 | 2 Aug 2018

WordPress CMS Panel

It is developed by WordPress Foundation management. This was made for those people who want to make a website and as well as earn an online through the website. So generally 90% people use the WordPress platform because they can change everything by own if they want.

WordPress is Free?

Yes, of course, WordPress Website panel is absolutely 100% Free. Anyone can design and developed own website through WordPress panel and developed with the help of free Plugin architecture. It provides the best technology and every customizes free theme services.

WordPress is Free

Many blogger and Digital marketer or Company holder only use the WordPress Open Source Platform because they can easily create a beautiful website by own like many Blogger make a website on the News Services, Affiliate Services, Simple blog Services, Create own store etc. It has a Content Management System which is making everything easy for the users. The holder can upload any content and modify too by it owned. WordPress has over a 30% share in the website marketing. It means lots of people. Blogger uses this Platform very easily. There is no programming Code required in WordPress.

How many types of Website, you can build on WordPress platform?

WordPress is only the way which has more power to build up any type of Website whatever you want. There is no limitation in WordPress to create and changes anything.

  • Simple Blog Website
  • Downloading Website
  • E-commerce website & Online Store
  • News build up a website
  • Forum posting Website
  • Business-related website
  • Membership Services Website
  • Social Elements Websites

How many type of Website, we can design in wordpress

There is pretty low System I told you about WordPress CMS.  You can create more and more type of Website and create on Custom CSS Style in CMS System.

What is WordPress.org? : WordPress.org is a free CMS system services, which means you can design a free blog website in wordpress.org. It has own self-hosted free services, You will use the self-free hosting and domain. but some services are missing from that platform like you can not the plugin in this free services and so on but rest of it you can build up your website by own 100% free.

What is WordPress.com? : WordPress.com is a paid platform of website creation panel. It is a profitable purpose. You can not use this platform for free. because paid WordPress panel provides you with many free services technology and frees many plugins to help a build up website developed. You have to install the WordPress by you purchasing hosting and use the Cpanel for installation of WordPress.

Clients of WordPress

Microsoft: Microsoft is also using the WordPress platform. It uses the specify own power blog services and Microsoft has own official blog which is also on the WordPress platform. So just imagine how WordPress is strong?  

microsft official blog

Microsoft daily update own article on an Official Microsoft blog as well as and advertise the specified services like Skype and window system.


  • staples canada blog  Staples Canada Blog: Staples is a very big famous and huge major office supply store in Camada. It has very large markets related to office equipment supplier in whole Canada. This is the very big brand by own in Canada North America. It also designs and developed own official blog website through the WordPress platform. It is Showcase of Staple Canada Blog.
  •   Reuters BlogReuters Blogs: This is also a big famous news brand Company. Reuters is a very large international news multimedia Company in the world. basically, it provides a whole international news coverage professional services through the Thomas Reuters Desktop. It is a multi-media news providers company and reaches to direct join and link up more than 2 billion people every day. And This type of large company use the WordPress platform for own blog updates and modify everything on WordPress.

many more WordPress user Clients Coming soon………….








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