What is SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)?

Seo refers to the Search Engine Optimisation, SEO is the    Google Parameter Technique. It is launched near about 1990 when Tim Berners-Lee launched the 1st website on Seach Engine after that SEO technique has come to promote the business through the website and taking a particular keyword. SEO is the great technique of show online digital visibility of website or webpage on every Search Engine. When a Search Engine has done optimize the whole website and content of a website and gives a top ranking by keywords on a search engine as well as do a help to increase the search traffic to the website and increase the visitor to the website or webpage and increase the visibility of website in a Search Engine Result it is called  SEO(Search Engine Optimisation).



                    When did Google Launched?

Google has been launched in 1998 and co-founder of Google “Larry Page & Sergey Brin”. Google always Celebrate own birthday at 27, September. Google is a major Search Engine and optimizes every digital thing who are visible on the web. But in officially Google was born in 4, September 1998 in California, United State.  Now, Sundar Pichai is a CEO of Google Company. He is Indo-American. Google always updates their feature and launched a new extension on Google Chrome. Now a new feature has been updated in Google Chrome that Google can talk to anyone like a person.





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