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What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is a programme that searches the document for a specified keyword and returns a list of the web pages where the keyword was found. A search engine is actually a huge database that contains the reference to thousands of web pages on the internet. The searcher interacts with these databases by proving some keywords. On the basis of these keywords, the database returns a list of available web pages along with the there title, several first sentences etc. From these received result, the user can choose the webpage whichever seems relevant.

The Internet is a large source of information and contains almost millions of web pages related to almost every topic that can be thought of. Initially, to search for any relevant item of information, the user needed to browse from an initial starting address of the known website, and they begin searching for the link from one web page to another. Hoping to reach to the required information. This technique called browsing is a common, sequential way of getting the information. But it is very time consuming and tiring job these days when the internet connection is paid, and time needs to be saved, so many searching tools were developed for the searcher to get the relevant information in the minimum time possible with accurate result.

Search Engine Work

Typically, a search engine work by sending out a spider to fetch as many documents as possible. A spider is a program that automatically fetches web pages. Spider is used to feed pages to search engine. It’s called doosra because it crawls over the web. Another term for these programs is web crawler. Because most web pages contain links to other pages. A spider can start almost anywhere. As soon as it sees a link to another page. It goes off and fetches it. Large search like, Google has many crawlers working in parallel. Another program called an indexer then reads these document and creates an index based on the words contained in each document. A search engine uses proprietary algorithm to creates its indices such that only meaningful result is returned for each query.

world largest search engine
                                      Google is the very world largest search engine.
The information that is received from a database is ranked according to various factors such as location and frequency of keywords in the web page, number of visitors to the web pages, or some other relevant factors. Redundant reference is also removed from the result by most of the search engine.
Although search engine is really a general class of programs the term is often used to especially describe system like Google(, Yahoo(https:/, MSN Search(, Alta Vista(, AOL Search( that enable users to search for documents on the world wide web.
Component of Search Engine

There are many components to a search engine which will affect the result of the search.

This part of the search engine which goes through the pages on the internet and gathers the information for the search engine. The variable feature which can affect any search result included,
A) Included pages: most search engine will find information beginning on one page and then following all of the links on that page. It will then follow all of the links on these new pages an so on. If a page is not linked to from another page, it may never be found by search engine.
B) Excluded pages: some web administration may choose to exclude their pages from the search engine because they are internal pages or intranets. Many web pages are also excluded because their content is dynamically generated from the database and search engine cannot find it.
C) The frequency of crawling: An important part of the web crawler is how frequently it retrieves information from pages. Some sites it will visit more often than other.
D) Documents type: Different search will search for different document types. All will search HTML documents, but some will also search PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and more.
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Search Engine Work and it's Component
The information that is received from a database is ranked according to various factors such as location and frequency of keywords in the web page


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