Samsung Foldable Smartfone has launched with new feature

Samsung launches the foldable smartphone with all Features

Samsung has finally launched its first foldable smartphone after waiting for about two years. The launch of this Samsung Galaxy Phonebox was launched in Samsung’s Developer Conference on Thursday. Samsung has given the name Infinity Flex display, the name of the technology used in its foldable smartphone. When this phone is fully opened, you will get a large display like a tablet and if you turn it will come in your pocket. Now, Customer no needs to wait for more times to use this phone. It has outstanding and splendid features and not too much costly.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

The flagship phone launched in Samsung’s Developer Conference, San Francisco, has a main display of 7.3 inches, while another display is 4.6 inches. During the event, the company said that in the next few months, the phone will be prepared on a large scale to meet the demand of the market. It’s been a long time to the launched new model of Samsung. But now, waiting is finished and This phone would be coming in the markets as soon as.

Although Samsung has not provided much information about this phone and has not given any name to this phone yet, according to the leak report, it is expected that this phone will be launched under the Samsung Galaxy F series. Let us know that companies like Huawei and Google, besides Samsung, are also working on foldable smartphones. The news is that Huawei will launch a foldable smartphone in the year 2019 with 5G support. Some of it features kept hidden now, because of security reason. But After down in the Marketing, all feature would be displayed in front of users or people.

Samsung is a very old Mobile telecom company and this is regularly launched and update their news models phone. there has lots of series as a unit of Samsung.

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