PHP vs Python

Most popular Programming Language PHP and Python. Both are very famous Computer coding programming language. It’s just a simple PHP is used for a Content management System web development and Python is generally use for dynamics and Duck typing discipline. Both are high level Computer programming language. And Python is generally use for Software development also.

What is PHP?

PHP stand for Personal Home Page(Hypertext Preprocessor), It’s generally made for Server side Scripting language and you can say it also HTML-Embedded. Programmer use this language is for highly Web Development. PHP is only run on a Web Server. It was discover by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 but expends and appear in Computer science markets in 1995. Primarily used for Linux Web server.

Personal home page PHP

Working Process of PHP

Simple mathod to do a work on PHP. It’s just simple, have to install and run PHP software language, When PHP is installed and go ahead to the run php and convert to the HTML back into a browser then It’s a auto working on PHP.

Why do we use PHP Language most?

Most of the people and programmer use only PHP programming language for web server development because it’s not too much hard to use and learn and it has many benefit for using this language like when we would start to use PHP for web development then many different Database can interact to the PHP like first MySQL. Because, this is also a free language and it can interact many database to do work with PHP programming language.


What is Python?

Python is a interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming.  It is also a Scripting language and it’s generally use for Software Application development and Web Application development. It has very pure easy syntax and great readability. Python language was discovered by Guido van Rossum and released in 1991. Its generally use for emphasizes code readability.

python Programming language Logo

What is use for Python Programming Language?

It is normally purpose of Scripting language and design for a Web Application development and most of programmer use this language for Software development. It’s a very high-level Computer programming language. We can use this language for Numeric App development and developing complex scientific.

Python is included for Artificial intelligence, machine learning, IOT etc. It has linked with these terms. It is machine machine independent code language. In this Language you can create or design Console base Application, C++, Desktop Application like Calculator, Web Application, Mobile Application.

Most Popular App Developed in Python like

  • YouTube developed in Python
  • Google developed in Python
  • Quora developed in Python
  • Mozila firefox developed in python
  • Instagram developed in Python

About Python

i will discussed about Python actually

  1. It’s a very simple and it has straight forward syntax. It has only one way for programming development, There has not many way to development one things.
  2. Python is Case sensitive language like C++ is also Case sensitive. For example like If you type “K” in Capital letter in Coding form and other hands you write also “k” in Small letter so It’s considered a different letter in Python.
  3. Python is Dynamic purpose language.
  4. It’s a Object Oriented Language like Every word or an every variable will considered in Python is Object Oriented.
  5. You can easily use variable without any declaration. You do not need to declaration with any variable. Without Declaration you can use variables in python.

Python has offered a many feature in their Language like Emphasis on Code Readability, Dynamically, Auto memory management, Large Library.






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