Window vs Linux

Linux is normally best integral part of Microsoft. Window is the sub part of Microsoft. But now, it’s happened Microsoft have taken some strangable  step to use Linux and showing the most lovable interest in Linux Operating System. This is common different between Window vs linux.

Microsoft vs Linux

Microsoft considered very serious to thing about Linux, because Microsoft says Linux is a high security of an internet. It would be a first first Operating System on Linux. Operating Systems of Linux is operate the all Computer Application and provides the right Direction of Work in Computer management. Linux Operating System Commands the all Computer hardware and software to do a work with right way of direction.

Linux Os is prescribed and to be determined the all Web Application and settle the all things of Computer app and other else to actual place. It is installed in laptop and computer and happened to configured with all hardware process whether, it can be easily play all software and maintain all activity into it. That’s called Operating System.

Operating System

Operating Included in Window, Android, Linux, iOS. just like i discussed about Android, for example you want to download any application so you have to use Android play Store because Play Store Support Android Operating System like wise Linux has other different play store and they only support Linux.

But Some common different in Window and Linux. Window is paid version OS but Linux is absolutely Free Operating System. They have all application and software is free. And Window is very costly now these days.

Most of high reputed Companies and organisation or Research Center like NASA also use Linux Operating System because of main reason and main benefit of Linux is simple, like In window, you can not change and modify the Software Coding if Software has made on Window OS. It’s a Completely Locked. But Linux is a Open Source Operating System that’s means You can easily change and modify any source coding according by own. And then you can make own operating System easily and it would be minimum Chances to create and came any Virus. That is a main benefit of Linux. It simple means to understand to decrease the chances of getting Virus.

Microsoft announced to released Linux OS

But In Window operating System. It’s increases to getting Virus due to it’s popularity.  Because Most of people are using Window OS and increases the risk of Viruses. Mostly Scammer is always working on Window because it’s most commonly used operating system in the world. Window is maximum used compare then Linux.

Why Microsoft want to use Linux most?

Microsoft want to use Linux OS because of many reason. I know that, Linux was created after Window But It is Free open Source OS and anyone could use easily instead of Window, It’s a completely paid. Basically It’s effected to tech marketing share. Linux has growth its own marketing value and people or Companies want to use linux because of it’s free feature and open free uses with any interrupted.

It is very simple to understand, Microsoft earn less revenue from Window paid Operating system and That wanna increase their revenue except of their other sources like bing and Yahoo. That’s why Microsoft offered Linux to accept their membership. Linux is working from many year without taking money charge but Microsoft take heavy vharge to use their services. It is the versatility of Linux that makes it an ideal solution for Azure Sphere. This is the Microsoft that is molding some portion without bounds of Linux, an organization that has been employing Linux piece designers for quite a while. Sky blue invited Linux some time prior, and on the off chance that anything is clear with this, Microsoft is hoping to take advantage of its moderately new association with open source.



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