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       Google SEO PageRank & Algorithm Updates 2018

Google SEO is the most important part of the Google Search Engine. In the new era of the internet world, everyone wants to promote their business online or internet. The Internet has become the medium of business or brand advertisement. We define google SEO through digital marketing. Google SEO means the way of website increasing high search result page, we called google SEO. And Google Updates 2018 brought a new algorithm with New search news. We should make a website for promoting the business or brand on the internet and Google is the top high number one biggest search engine in the world. Most of the user or visitor have come on the google and among the all search engine. google is the most advanced and high visitor search engine. Every businessman wants their website to show on the google search result on the top page. It also part of the digital marketing. Google daily update own algorithm. Now, We will know about Google Updates 2018 Algorithm.

                          What is Algorithm?

Google Updates 2018 algorithm refer to Write mathematical and logical problem step by step it helps the computer data analyzing and give a meaningful answer that is called algorithm. In short, Algorithm is the process and series of any work. The process of completing any work is also called Algorithm. When Google retrieves all its index data, then this process is called the Google algorithm. Google has updated its own algorithm at every year. Google brings new changes to its algorithm every year. Google has brought a lot of changes to its algorithm so far.


                              Google Updates 2018 Algorithm

There are so many algorithms in google,  which is that Google can track all the websites and things related to the Internet.

Hummingbird Update:  On26 September 2013, Google turns 15 years and celebrate occasions, Google launched the new search algorithm name Google Hummingbird. It is the google claim and the search algorithm can provide the more reliable and relevant responses due to internet search query in the future. It tells us how the google optimizes the websites and Google plan to improve how you search with google hummingbird. A Search algorithm is a technical term to describe how Google or any search engine find the data you search every day on the internet. Google algorithm has a process to deliver the search result you enter. If you type in a search query let say how to make cupcake so google sent this task to an index server and Index server is the lot like an index page book and how is the function. It tells which pages that contain to make cupcakes. This task is then sent to a doc server which retrieves the store document related to the search task how to make the cupcake? Snippet a damn generated to describe each search result giving relevant to the search query and return to the user in a fraction of a second. This entire process is what we called the search algorithm. which is like recipes a making of cupcakes.  

Google Algorithm panda update by

Panda Algorithm Update: On  Feb 2011, Google launched the Panda algorithm and when it came, it affected 80% of the websites, which was running on the google. Google Panda algorithm has designed for those websites who are using the low-quality contents, Copyright content, duplicate content or web spamming. many people are using the other software for making backlinks and using the keyword stuffing for getting a high ranking on top google search result. But Google panda Algorithm catch this type of activity and take a instant action and might be Google can stop the websites. That is why We should not use the duplicate content, keyword stuffing and other this type of activity. It’s harmful to a website. Google panda has been upgraded your own another algorithm name Google panda 4.0. Basically, it is designed for SEO over optimization and low-quality content.

  • Google Penguin Algorithm Update: On 26 March 2012, Google launched the Penguin algorithm update. It was before penguin officially name was “Webspam Algorithm”. But after some time it became a Penguin algorithm. basically, It catches the spam link building, Software using link building, Irrelevant linking like black hat SEO and cloaking. Google does not allow those things for SEO and promotion. That is why Google had to update and design the Penguin in the internet markets. basically, penguin targeted the bad and manipulative link building. The main aims of the Google Penguin algorithm are to reduce and finished the black hat spamming bad technique. and if any website follows the Google penguin rule and will do the SEO so it will upgrade the website and pointed out to the top web search result. When it launched then that time Penguin has affected around 3% of websites, but when Penguin 2.0 was launched it is the 4th update of Penguin and released in 2013 and banned approx 2.4% websites. It is the developed part of Penguin.

Google Rankbrain Algorithm Update

Rankbrain Algorithm: Rankbrain Algorithm is the part of Google Algorithm artificial machine learning. Rankbrain was released or launched on 26, Oct 2015. Rankbrain helps people or user to explore the Search engine relevant Queries. Google says Rankbrain is the 3rd most important part of the Google ranking algorithm. It was designed for the purpose of Seach Query relevancy. It’s most important work is that rankbrain ignore the past search queries or previous some work, It is basically used the content ranking factor. If the user will post a high-quality content on the website or somewhere so Google will keep them high priority and gives a high ranking on search result but if the user uses the irrelevant poor content so then Google will keep that such type keyword in less ranking on google search result. Now in 2018 Rankbrain has become first most important factor of Google algorithm. Rankbrain is monitoring the user activity on search engine and websites. A user what activity is doing on a website and how much time consuming on reading the webpage article on any website, so google monitor and views our activity and inform all data to Google. It is the type of Artificial mechanism learning of Google. It helps to find a right or easy relevant search queries of users.

EMD(Exact Match Domain) Google Algorithm

  • EMD Algorithm Update: EMD launched in 2012 by Google. EMD refer to Exact Match Domain. EMD or Exact Match Domain decline the ranking of the chosen domain which is an exact match with the keyword phrase. Google will penalise the website of Low-Quality content on exact match domain. Matt Cutts declared about the EMD update on Twitter 28 sept, 2012. The main object of this updation is targeted the spammy websites and low-quality with the thin amount of content on the site with keyword exact match domain name. Some user thinks that if we buy the keyword related domain name which has high searches so if that will rank easily on search engine even put a little or irrelevant content but then still website will rank fast on google through by exact domain name match with keywords or title. But Google launched EMD for monitoring this type of activities. And Google immediately hit this type of website and penalized too.


  •   pirate google update algorithmPirate Algorithm Update: Google Pirate Algorithm update is very common and similar to penguin and pandaPirate launched in around August 2012 through by Google. In the Pirate algorithm update, Google will surely penalise your website if the user uses the high number of copyright content and if any sites did a copyright law infringement so google pirate update will penalise this site. Google pirate update has made to combine with panda and penguin. It targets the copyright piracy and takes a immediate action against sites. Pirate basically designed for Movies or film industries. It discovers the many kinds of music or video sharing sites, Software on the search engine, which is running illegally. The pirate update is work with combine limit of DMCA. Google this update was designed to stop these sites whose are using many large numbers of copyright and prevent this sites who were copyright infringement report filled though by DMCA system. Google pirate is a filter to prevent copyright websites and target all website which is the high rank in google listing and it is regularly updated. That is another name DMCA algorithm penalty and it also is known as the Pirate algorithm. And it gives a notice to all these sites which are infringing on copyright. Google downgrade those websites ranking in the search result, which is get lots of DMCA complaint. so now we have to always save our website from the copyright content and remember that should not use of infringement of Copyrights law inside of DMCA. Once a time, filed a complaint through DMCA system so Google definitely down your website in search ranking and might be auto removed the copyright content from the website.


AMP Google Update on google-updates.comAMP algorithm update: AMP refer to Accelerated mobile Pages, It was released 24 Feb. AMP is an open source algorithm that means everyone can use of AMP. It was designed to help users and web network person. Google wants to get the high speed of web pages open and don’t take a long time to load the web pages. Google think in the new era person have no more time to stay on pages and some website take a long time to open this. so google wants from AMP that any website should be mobile or tablet friendly and easy instant load on mobile also. Google says no one has more time to stay one page that the taking a long time to buffering that is why  Google launched AMP and website should be AMP friendly so that user can read the full article and get knowledgeable content. AMP object, that can give a better mobile experience to its user or customer. Google started AMP update and motivate the user to post a mobile-optimized content load instant and visitor easily reached your website and get informative knowledge.