Web Pages Cache 404 server not found

Google Web pages Cache issues can be found by Index Coverage problems or URL Inspection Tools, But i want to make sure you, it doesn’t effect your Google SEO web page ranking in search result and there is not bad impact on website, so No need to worries about this problems. It’s not a big and high problems.

It was before, i was also suffering this type of problems but when i did analyse about this problems so i got result about it, that is not big issues and your website is not hurt or penalize by Google search engine. You have to check first what issues your webmaster tool showing in search console regarding to the website and then trying to solve it.

There can be many reason to show 404 error, might be your website url doesn’t exit which is displayed in search engine, your would have got SSL issues, Browsing caches issues, Resource not found etc. This all are related to Web page cache problems. But I would suggest you some tips and tell you as well how do you solve this issues and how can your re-crawl your web pages

URL Inspection Testing by New Search Console InterfaceURL is not on Google by Inspection Tool

There are few type of Issues your website may show

  • 404 Resource not found
  • Error show only 404
  • 404 Server not found
  • HTTP 404 error
  • 404 web page not found
  • 404 directory not found

There are all type of 404 error can be found to your website, but you can easily solved any error. No need to take any tension regarding this. If your problems is regarding to Web pages Cache 404 server not found so, It’s may have Crawling or Index coverage issues and not a proper sitemap fetch in your website.

⇒How to Fix Google Cache 404 issues

  • Open your Google Webmaster tools or Search Console, which is linking to your website.
  • Go to the Crawl option and you would see Fetch as a Google Option
  • Click and open fetch as google and request to the google for crawling your web pages
  • you will have to submit your website into Free Web Submission for all Search Engine Indexing.
  • Submit the website in Bing and Google separately
  • Google to the Google submit URL and click fetch as google, direct go through New Search Console interface or URL inspection tools for Website analyse.
  • Check your website into URL inspection tools and show the result, if your website is on google or not
  • If answer is “not” so, check the crawling error and try to resolved it.
  • Resubmit and Re-crawl it again.

Google cache 404 server not found

After follow these step and after few day, it can be 3 to 4 days, your web pages cache issues would be validated or resolved by the google.




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