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Google Adword is the Online Ads campaign Software, which was made by Google LLC. It is the part of the Google Search Network Company and advertiser will display their brand & Services ads on Google Search by using AdWord.

Another name of Adword is called PPC(Pay per Click) and SEM(Search Engine Marketing). Advertiser paid some amount to google and create a campaign on adword and then run that on Google Search Engine and after that Google will display their ads on top of Search result.

                    Five Type of Online Ads in Google Adword

There is five type of online ads kept by Adword platform. This is show five ads category on the search engine when the advertiser creates a campaign and select a budget on an AdWords campaign. The budget can be included in CPC, COM, CPL etc. You can be called this type of things are Bids Strategy of the Adword. Today’s era of time Google is over 94% of the revenue earned from the advertiser and over 88% of the user uses the internet to search and find any information.

                            Search Network Ads:

Google search network is the largest ads placement network, Every day huge millions user use the search ads campaign to advertise their company or business brand display on the top of the search result. The advertiser can create a campaign or choose the keywords related to their products and make a campaign. and select bids on the per keywords.

search network ads

There are many function user can use in the search network.

Call Extension: This is the most important feature included in the search network ads in google adword. Call extension is a way of encouraging the customer to direct call to the company by seeing their ads on Google and convert to the sale.

Negative keyword: This keyword with the search result using this negative keyword, It is the prevent to irrelevant result on the search engine, means that you select some keyword for the campaign ads and active their ads and display on search result so some time search engine display advertiser ads on the search engine with the irrelevant keywords to the similar way. like, for example, you select shirt as the main keyword but some time user search T-shirt so your Shirt ads also display on the search engine. That is called a negative keyword. so We should use this feature always for running a campaign.

Callout Extension: To selling of bulk point must be included in the description and some important short lined add below the description about products information on price and other is to be called Callout Extension. It can add up total 4 callout extension on the search network ads and maximum 25 characters should be long.

Sitelink: Website display some green highlighted link below the ads on AdWords campaign. The link may be included in some web pages or information like About us pages, Contact us, blog etc. That’s included in the Sitelink feature.

Bid Adjustments: This is the most important option or feature in the adword campaign is big Adjustment. In this feature, you can select the bids opinion by manually and automatic. That means some keyword cost are very high and some are medium, so you would have a great option select a bing according to by own like what option would you like to select manually or automatically.

                                    Display Ads:

Display ads network is that types of ads Google allow to the publisher or website or blog holder to display advertiser ads on their website and it is a wide range of the network. Advertiser creates a display ads campaign and paid to Google according to budget and then google contact the top search website and allow or offer to them publish and show advertiser ads on the website and then google will pay some percent share of the amount to the publisher as per click, means CPC.  There are many types of display ads, Google offered to the publisher and advertiser, like Text Ads, Rich media ads, Image ads, Video Ads, and Text+Images Ads

display ads network

Ther Adword offered to the advertiser for display ads on different placement and targeted goal.  like placement target, Contextual target, Topic Target, Demographic Language Target.

                     Shopping Ads & Products Listing Ads

Shopping ads network is the good feature of Google AdWords, It is via made for just only E-commerce business website. like Amazon, Flipkart, Gocheapshop, eBay etc. In Shopping ads Advertiser have many options to display their product with a list of category and display on google search result. E-commerce companies always run a campaign and advertise products on every single individually products. We do an all products arranged by categorising and keep together in the shopping campaign and run a campaign without set any budget or bids of a keyword. Shopping ads campaign is not a keyword base ads campaign it depends on products category list.

shopping ads & Product listing

We are creating a feed role of all products and keep in google merchant centre on shopping ads campaign and create a product’s image templates and then select a goal or choose CPC bids on the shopping ads campaign. When any user type of related keyword on the search engine so your item will be displayed and appear on the search engine shopping platform. Sometimes few items and products appear on the search engine side page by showing on sponsored.

                        Video Ads Network

Video ads are the great way to increase sale and conversion rate through adword. We generally, use the youtube video ads for getting a more them 2+billionj views on Youtube video and it could be more and more visitor has come on our video and increase the efficiency of engagement. Google adword normally offered this type of ads network and paid campaign and suggest keyword bids on per video and you can select the audience, place location, interest by owned, where you want to show your ads by video formate. And Youtube channel also gives you a direct promotion option and redirect the google adword. We will generally increase the visibility of video and increase the conversion also through video rate and high flow maximum sale rate by video ads. Moreover, 75% of the user is generally youtube and tag engage with video and can contact the company through by video. So, it also can be a great strategy for promoting your business through videos.

video ads network in campaign

How to set up video ads in Google Adword.?

  • Open your Google Adwords Account
  • Link to you adword account with the youtube channel
  • Create a video campaign in Google Adwords Account
  • Select your targeting setting, where you want to show video
  • Upload your video ads in full.


                             Universal App Campaign

About the universal app campaign to promote your apps through by adword campaigning budget and your app ads will be shown globally and universally and all google the biggest property, it has included many things like Google Search, Youtube, Google Play Store, and App ads can be displayed in Blogging display ads network. Firstly we have to add some text description short line and bids budget and then optimized your ads to help the people to find your app easily. just simply we created a universal Ads Campaign on google adword and then adword tell us to choose the targeting location and audience and sometimes google take automatic bids budget strategy and show your ads on the different platform even though that is search network, youtube and play store anything.  App Campaign or App promoting ads will surely help you to get more exclusive value from users and offered you the best value interest from per download rate. We can use ads mob also on an application. Google will promote your app on play store by matching keywords and gives you a better satisfaction result.

universal app campaign




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