Server side vs Client side validation

Differences between Client-side and Server-side Scripting

There are two type two type of Web language available in our computer base system. First is Non-programming and other second is Programming language. If i discuss about programming language so, it has divided into two part (1)Client-side and (2)Server-side.

Client-side vs Server-Side Validation

Client-Side Environment

Client-side environment is a most usable run script and execute to a browser. It’s totally take an place and work on the user computer. And many source code are the most example of Client-side script like Java Script, J query, HTML, CSS and it is also a process to transferred the source code from web browser to User computer through over the Internet and then its a directly run on a browser.

For this Scripting Programming language, You need to enable or ON the button on the Client Computer and If the user is aware of his security and he feel any kind of security risk then he can even switch or close the script and they may Off the scripting facility. Its help to run the code and interact the user.

Server-Side Environment

Server-side Environment is second part of Computer Programming language and it help to run a script or execute on the Web Server. It can not interpreter on the Client-Side script. Server-Side Programming Scripting is generally use for a Web development and help to install a interpreter, which is keep the coding secure from any HTML error and something type else. Its only use for a user customize interface. This sent from browser to server, Server-side script example like PHP. It can not run on browser.

It was before server side script used to provides a interactive websites and help to store a data interface on the web server. It’s totally work on the Web server and with a interpreter installation during a post back.

This is simple method to understand about Server-Side validation and Client Side validation. Minor difference between both of them.

Server-Side validation

When a user submitted an input validation on the web server during post back session and sent it all to the web server, validation should be server programming language like PHP and ASP.Net. and completion all the validation process then server sent a feedback to the client side. It’s a much better then other and everyone gives first priority to Server side because it is protect from malicious users and error by input the server side validate.

Client-Side validation

Clients-Side validation, When user will input any validation on the browser that’s called Client-side validation. It doesn’t need any post back requirement. All of the validation is used on the browser level or simply sent a request to the client-side(Web browser) by input of user validation, that’s called Client-Side validation.

For Example, If any user will input wrong validation by mistake so new pop up window automatically open and show on the desktop with html error before user click next step so, then user can fill right information and input right validation again and can do correct all the mistake.

Both of the programming script has own significance or identity. But even still Server side Scripting language are most usable and beneficial then Client side, because It can protect our web Application from malicious or viruses attacks on the server resource data, whereas Client-side can not do that.


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