Bing place Business Listing

Bing business listing refers to the bing local places where people claim free bing place for business listing in other hands we can say bing local listing and we create a local map listing on bing so that people can easily reach your place through bing map listing. Through that lots of visitor, the visit included here.

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1> Claim your Bing Business Listing

First is you have to claim your existing Bing business listing map online and you can add the new listing and fill up your location on bing map listing. if you want to add multiple locations so you can go add through bulk upload Tool. bing map listing is the Microsoft search platform to send a potential customer.

Enter a Business detail in Listing

This is the second step to submit the form with all detail.

Fill your business name in your listing and location of your business company

Fill your business company phone number in your bing listing labels. and before doing this you have selected a Country region.

Then after completion, all activity click submit search icon button.

Modify search & Claim your Business

Bing Business Listing

You will have to click Claim your business link button and then you have to direct log in the Microsoft account email, If you have not bing Microsoft email account so make first and verify your website then log in into Microsoft account and go ahead to next click button.

If you would not have any result regarding your listing so you have to create and add your business new to bing  on clicking create New Business Button

Verify & Cross Check your listing Detail

On the other hand, you will see the box where you have to fill out all the information now, you have to cross check again your listing detail whether is it right or wrong. then you have to make sure that all information should be the correct or right position.

After cross-checking your listing information so you have to move on ahead to click next button and the final or last option is click the submit button option and verify it with present information.

For the Verification process, you will receive a verification code from the bing place business. then open your mail id and click the claim your business link and verify it properly. If you claim would be successful then you listing added in bing place local listing.



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