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WordPress is the great and easy platform to create and design the website, And it totally depends on the Plugin tools. Without Plugin, WordPress platform is nothing. Basically, Plugin is helping the WordPress development and you can customize and editing anything in WordPress website. Best WordPress plugins list is below on this pages. You don’t need to use any type of coding programming language because the plugin is helpful to create a beautiful website even you can create a Corporate website, E-commerce website, Blog website etc.

In WordPress might be over 46000 plugins can available to support WordPress platform. The Plugin works to increase its functionality in the WordPress Website. Mostly plugin is free of cost but Some Plugin provides you with a premium rate but these functionalities are awesome in Website. The Premium plugin has advance multiple features so that you can edit and customize my own. Most of the plugin has the same type of feature and function with the little same name, but you have to choose the best one of all. Here is the best WordPress plugins list.

Top Ten Most important Advance Plugin for WordPress 2018

There are most usable and best WordPress plugins and important advance plugin for WordPress upgrade 2018. You must have to see and analyse the all Plugin with name and working Feature.

  • Jetpack (Free)

JetPack Plugin Image

The most and top of the very important and great plugin for WordPress. Everyone wants to use this plugin and a lot of people and WordPress user use this plugin for their Website growth. The main function of Jetpack Plugin is performance maintenance, But it support multiple functions and features like It helps to Increase Website load Speed and Secure from Virus, Auto Image Optimization and prevent to Spam Caches and so on. It has Multiple functionalities. So, I suggesting that You should use this plugin.

  • Yoast SEO (Free)

Yoast SEO is also a Great and 100% usable plugin. Everyone use this plugin for Website Search Engine Optimisation. There is no such person or user who does not use the Yoast SEO plugin. Even No matter what is the situation, the Yoast SEO plugin will have to use everybody. and Popularity of this plugin is really awesome.

Yoast SEO Plugin Image

Today’s era of internet time and everyone have linked to the internet and the digital world. and User of the Internet increases as per daily bases. so the trend of the Internet is extended day by day. Everyone wants to create own website and want to get more traffic towards website so, Yoast SEO is the best WordPress Plugins helping the increase Website Content readability, Content ranking, SEO on page technique, It helps to get more web traffic to the website. There is a most important plugin, you should be marked out this.

  • Akismet (Free)

This plugin plays an important role in WordPress Website. Akismet is basically counting Spammy Threat and Spammy comment. This Plugin tells you blog or website that Which Comment is Spam or harmful. Akismet was developed for WordPress Website Security. If Anyone commented on your post so Akismet automatically starts to rum those all Comment and filter out all things and activity or Auto removed spam Activity and rest of it will auto-published.

Akismet plugin image

Everyone use this plugin and its popularity is really awesome and great, therefore During the time of WordPress Installation, It automatically generates and installs this plugin in WordPress. If you will take a premium version plan of Akismet Plugin so You can get more Advance and usable feature. This is the best WordPress plugins for Spam point of views.

  • Form Builder (Free)

Form builder and Everest Form is an another most usable plugin and Its rating or review really high. Basically, its use for the Contact Form page builder, Today’s Internet era modernization Every website holder want to create own beautiful Contact form page that is why All people install and activate this plugin and keep in a WordPress dashboard list.

Form Builder Plugin

You can design or create beautiful contact form page by your desire and choice. It really helps you create and design Contact page where user or customer can directly contact you through Contact form page. best WordPress plugins for Website Indexing.

  • XML-Sitemap

Yes, Sitemap is needed for every website and everyone will create or generate a sitemap for own website. It is also a great plugin for WordPress website, basically, XML sitemap is for google readability. That is the conclusion of the whole website.

Google XML sitemap Plugin

It really helps to crawl and easy indexation of the website through by all search Engine like Bing, Google, Yahoo etc. This makes an easy to index and crawl of any website for Google Search Engine or Google Bot. It will ready to prepare a Website short structure so that Google can easily index your website very quick and fast. best WordPress plugins is here.

  • Meta Slider

Meta Slider is also a Great Plugin for Website design. It helps to make a website look very beautiful. Meta Slider creates a header Slideshow by the collection of the beautiful imagery. It helps to make and create a beautiful slider for taking multiple images and put in the header of the Website and the Website will look great and beautiful.

Meta Slider WP Plugin

One of the other features is available in meta Slider. When you will make a Slider for Website then you can do SEO also of an all Slider choose images. This option is absolutely free in the Meta Slider plugin. and I also use this plugin.

  • W3 Total Caches

This is the Most and most important plugin developed by the WordPress team. You have to use this plugin at every time because you know, at the time of Website creating on WordPress platform a lot of Caches, Browsing history, Spam activity and other WP caches are coming into the Website so due to these reasons your website can take a long response to open on the web and user will run away from your website without taking any extra time and your website analytics bounce rate will be increased.

W3 Total Cache

It supports the WordPress Performance optimization. Yiu has to enable all caches on the website and command to activate W3 Total Caches plugin then, this plugin will work automatically and removed all unwanted caches even browsing caches, all caches on the post and pages and compress all HTML file, CSS and javascript file and every all. That’s why This is the best WordPress plugins. Due to this reason, Your website performance will increase the reduced all web pages loading time.

  • Redirection

Redirection is also a great plugin for WordPress Website and it help to resolve the website error. It is also a most useful plugin for WordPress website, It is used when you are changing the permalink or some delete the pages or post but even still these are old URL is showing on search engine but which it does not exist in website and That page or post URL is not active in website but even then this is showing on search engine so User click on our non-activates URL so they get some error like 301 or 404 etc.

redirection plugin

We use this plugin for that and solving this type of Error problems and manage the not exit page. We will redirect the searching page use of 301 redirections and Directly change the URL identity. so Our pages URL will open with the redirection URL

  • bb Press (Free)

bb Press Plugin is also playing an important role to get and generate web traffic toward the website. It generally uses the create of FORUM type website, so that people or the user can easily find your Forum website and sharing their thought and play Question and answering. It totally depends on the Forum base website.

bb press Plugin Image

bb Press is developed by WordPress team and make it easy Forum type website for your own. You can design and developed on its own. When People Will come on your website and do sign up and then Sign in and then create the user profile with mail id and then started to use Forum services.

  • Woocommerce (Free)

Woocommerce is a free open source WordPress plugin for developed and creates a free E-commerce website. It is used for online merchant store or E-commerce online store, you can sell anything or any products use of Woocommerce WordPress plugin. The user can design and customize developed it own E-commerce type website like Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Woocommerce plugin image

It is 100% free plugin from WordPress. If you want to creates own E-commerce website and run Affiliate or sell own personal products online through websites so It is the best option for you, This is the best WordPress plugins Immediately use this plugin and make own personal Online store website. Most of the people use this plugin and making lots of E-commerce websites.


















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