What is Android

Android is a open-source mobile operating system, which is only use for Tablet or Smart phone and It is developed or created by Google LLC Company and base on Linux kernel operating system and included other open source software also and primarily working only on touch screen smart cell phone and tablets.

Designed & DevelopedGoogle LL C
Platform x86 and x86-64, 32- and 64-bit ARM
Date of Released23 September 2008
License Apache License 2.0; GNU GPL v2 for the Linux kernel
Written in LanguageC, C++ and Java

HTC dream was the first phone which was the run on Android operating System and it was launched on October 22, 2008. In the open-source Operating System(Os)user and developer can easily modify, changes or customize in every smart phone.

android operating system

In the Android, Google developed Dalvik, it help to optimize all android device and machinery. Android is the world largest Operating System and approx 3 million active user per month. Android want to target and occupy the all electronic Os device like Android TV, Omputer etc under the license of Apache Server. The main benefit of Android is that supported most of Play store Application. You know that Android has own play store where user can install any supportive application. It make life easy and comfortable for user.

If we put little bit put a light on its history so, Android is a smart mobile phone Operating system and it was created found in Palo Alto, Calfornia in October 2003. And It’s co-founder name is Rich Miner, Andy Rubin, Chris White and Nick Sears. After developing a Android operating System, the Company thought about created and developed a new digital camera for attaching in Android version. In the April 2004, Android was become bases of pitch for investor and it was very tempting to investor. After that Company thought it should be increase the feature in android and expend the Camera digitization but it was happen to bad situation and owner of its company had to sell Os to Rubin in approx $10,000. But He was also became a fail to attract people toward Android. 

But in July 2005, Android has bankruptcy disappeared and Google LL c acquire this Company Android Inc. Android is upgrading it own process as per daily bases and Google was kept all owner included Rubin, Rich Miner etc as a part of Android acquisition and partners, then Google had stated to grow Android Version by using of Advertising and provides into it high services and updating application.

Google installing many interface feature in Android like Physical touch, Digital camera, Virtual Keyboard and it support USA or Bluetooth facility. People had interact to android and taking a high interest into Android version. Google announced support for Android app development in the Kotlin programming Language and Google started to using Java language in android with version of C and C++ also.

Android Os Features

  • First feature of Android is that, it is Open Source Operating System
  • It’s included lots of mobile Application. Android supported most of App in Play Store
  • It has own Gaming Controller system
  • By the Open-Source, anyone can Customize or modify the Android.
  • It is provide many luxury facility like handset, Live Weather forecasting, GSM and CDM both sim Supported and Data sharing app.